Learning Support

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Learning Support is available to all registered students with additional educational needs. Students who have been formally assessed as having a learning need, are entitled to assistance in their academic work throughout the year. Appointments are one-to-one and are 40 minutes in duration.

What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is the central support area for students who have additional educational needs (AENs). Students may have educational and medical needs that impact upon their academic studies. Students who have been previously formally assessed (through Educational Psychologists, Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Neurologists or Specialist Registrars etc.) are automatically registered with Learning Support.

The aims of Learning Support for students are:

  • Empowering students to self-manage their study skills

  • Learning Support for students registered as having an educational need (learning need and/or medical condition)

  • Providing reasonable accommodations for registered students with additional needs

Learning Support Coordinator

Catherine Joyce coordinates learning support services in the college and assists students that require additional focused support in their learning. Some students may require help with general study, time management, assignment preparation, using assistive technology or availing of examination supports.

If you have been assessed or suspect you require these educational supports, contact Catherine by email at CJoyce.DBC@LMETB.ie

You can also text the Learning Hub on 086 601 1305 . If you are registered with the Learning Hub, you'll receive texts from this number.

The Learning Hub Learning Support Office is open Monday - Friday from 09:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Learning Support Team

Catherine Joyce

Learning Support Coordinator

Mary Farrell

Learning Support Officer

Kirsty Gough

Learning Support Officer

Eilish Lavin

Learning Support Officer

Catherine Lennon

Learning Support Officer

Aine Leonard

Learning Support Officer

Caroline McCann

Learning Support Officer

Adele McDermott

Learning Support Officer

Ashley Rogers

Learning Support Officer

Milica Traljic

Learning Support Officer

About this web page

These pages provide resources for students who have AEN.

Throughout the academic year, the Learning Support Team have appointments with students with AEN which focus on the following areas:

  • Organisation, time and self management skills

  • Note-taking skills and assistive technology

  • How to make the most out of assistive technology

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Exam study skills