DCFE Student Union

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Why join the Student Union?

This is a great opportunity to be part of an elected Student Union body, as well as holding valuable and much coveted role as class representative to add to your CV!

What is the Role of the SU?

A Student Union comprises entirely of elected class group representatives.

Each course group (Group A, Group B and Group C) will elect one of their peers to represent their group in DCFE's Student Union (each group A/B/C will have one representative).

Overall Objectives and Mission of SU

To enhance communication between students, teachers, support staff, senior management and board of management.

To promote an environment conducive to the educational and personal development for all.

To promote friendship and respect amongst peers.

To support the management and staff on open days, fundraising events, interview days etc.

To represent the views of their respective class group on matters of general concern to them.

To liaise and work with members of staff on the DCFE Student Environment Committee.

To represent student interests and issues arising at Board of Management level.

Role of the Class Rep

A class group representative plays an integral role within the college community. They act as a link between peers, Student Union, teachers, support staff and senior management. They help to ensure the college continually listens to and engages with students to improve teaching and learning, assessment, academic and support services, as well as the general college environment and culture.

Additionally, a class rep is responsible for the following:

  • Making sure student views are heard

  • Working with Mentor of class group in communicating key events/points of information to peers

  • Informing class group of key points of all Student Union meetings & directing them to notices on Moodle's All Student Noticeboard

  • Encouraging inclusion, promoting diversity and social awareness within class group

  • Helps promote key college events & activities such as charity/fundraising, college initiatives, open days/nights, interview days and other official events amongst their class group

  • Attends all monthly meetings of the Student Union (online)

Important Information for DCFE Student Union

Monthly meetings (details will be communicated to elected representatives) beginning Wednesday 25th November at 3:30 pm on Teams.

Failure to attend these meetings will result in relinquishing role and duties and stepping down as elected class representative.

Internally elected roles within the Student Union

Role of Chairperson

  • Compiles Agenda with Secretary – based upon continual feedback from Student Union Members

  • Leads meeting & seeks contributions from all members

  • Liaises with members of DCFE staff

  • Point of contact for all Student Union members

  • Rallies and motivates participation from DCFE Student Body

  • Skills: Excellent communication, leadership skills, inherent sense of fairness and equity, diplomatic, even-tempered, professional, personal presentation, organisation, motivation, and positivity.

Role of Secretary

  • Works alongside and closely with Chairperson

  • Compiles and distributes the Agenda to all Student Union members

  • Sign In Register – documents attendance for record keeping

  • Takes Minutes (records contributions from members during meetings) and makes these Minutes available for all Student Union members to read (*particularly for those that cannot attend but still wish to keep informed of meeting outcomes)

  • Time-keeping – alerting Chairperson to timeframe allowed for each topic on Agenda

  • Liaises with all DCFE staff members

  • Skills required: Excellent communication, personal presentation, very good literacy and word processing skills (for Minute taking), timekeeping, a team player and organisation skills are vital.

Promotions Officer

  • Work with Chairperson and Secretary closely.

  • Active promotion of all DCFE related activities. initiatives and events.

  • Encourages participation of all student body in charity fundraising and official DCFE events.

  • Liaises with all DCFE staff members

  • Skills required: Excellent communication skills, very good literacy skills, word processing, very familiar with social media, creative and innovative promotional ideas, positive and a team player.

Student Representative on DCFE's Board of Management

As part of DCFE's Student Union, members of the union act as Student Representatives and serve on DCFE's Board of Management.

Students have a voice and a contribution to make to their college. It is important that they be given the opportunity to express their views on issues of concern to them in the college environs. It is equally important that they are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting policies of the college. The forum for this is at the Board of Management Meetings which take place monthly.

Only elected class representative may put themselves forward and apply to become one of two Student Representatives on DCFE's Board of Management. This application process is communicated during the first opening meeting of the whole Student Union.

Contact Paddy Sullivan, Student Union Officer for more information PSullivan.dbc@lmetb.ie