DCFE Student Scholarship Programme

DCFE Scholarship Programme

We would like to invite you to take part in our scholarship programme. This programme gives you the opportunity to win a scholarship, which will, at the very minimum, reimburse your Dunboyne College fees (or a sizeable part of your fees) for the year.

What is the scholarship programme about?

The scholarship programme matches up a current Dunboyne College student with a company or organisation as that student’s sponsor. The sponsor commits to, at the minimum, reimbursing the college fees to the student upon successful completion of the academic year.

What would a sponsor do?

The sponsor agrees to do the following:

  • Choose an academic area (e.g. science, business, law, childcare etc.)

  • Take part in the selection of the student deserving of the scholarship.

  • Reimburse the college fees (or a sizeable part of your fees) of that chosen student upon successful completion of the academic year.

  • Optionally, the sponsor might build a relationship with the recipient student by providing a work experience opportunity, paying other expenses, offering an internship, etc.

How will a student be chosen?

Initially the college will promote the scholarship programme to the students and take expressions of interest from anyone interested. The college will narrow down these applications after written competition and interviews. The sponsor will then have an opportunity to meet and interview the top three candidates and choose at least one of these (see the application form for more details).

What’s in it for you?

  • The opportunity to have your fees (or a sizeable part of your fees) reimbursed for the academic year. This will take place at the graduation.

  • The opportunity to form a relationship with a company or organisation in your vocational area. This may also translate into an opportunity for work experience or an internship and/or a reference for your CV.

  • The chance to put an award on your CV.

The application form and full terms and conditions are available below.

Application for Scholarship Programme

Scholarships are available for some courses in the college – you will have been told in class if your group qualifies for a scholarship (if unsure, ask your mentor).

Here is the procedure for applying for a scholarship in Dunboyne College of Further Education:

  1. Apply below using the online application form by clicking the link below.

  2. Your application will be assessed for short listing by the Scholarships Programme Committee under the following criteria: presentation of form (presented and written well); genuine reasons for applying; persuasive argument given for being accepted into the programme.

  3. Those applicants short listed will be interviewed by the Scholarships Programme Committee. Candidates will be ranked in order of suitability for the scholarship.

  4. The top three candidates may have to attend an interview / meeting with the sponsor of the scholarship. That sponsor then ranks their top three candidates.

  5. The top candidate will be offered the scholarship, which will, at the minimum, reimburse the fees of the course the recipient is attending. The scholarship will be presented at the graduation ceremony, or other appropriate event, and is conditional on the recipient obtaining a successful full award.

  6. If one recipient of the scholarship, for some reason, drops out of college, or acts in a way which brings the scholarship programme or Dunboyne College into disrepute, or is not successful in obtaining a full award, then the scholarship reverts to the next ranked applicant on the list.

Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship Programme:

In order to apply for and maintain a scholarship with Dunboyne College of Further Education you must:

  • Abide by the application procedure.

  • Accept the decision of the Scholarships Programme Committee and the sponsor of the scholarship; this decision is final.

  • During the term of the scholarship (from the date of receipt until the day of graduation) you will represent the college and your sponsor in a responsible and professional manner. You will not engage in any conduct which would bring your sponsor, the college or the scholarship programme into disrepute. You will work to foster a positive relationship with your sponsor.

  • The receipt of the scholarship (to be presented at the graduation ceremony in May, or at another appropriate event) is dependent on you completing the academic year in Dunboyne College, with excellent attendance, conformity with the college’s code of conduct, a successful full award at the end of the academic year, and any reasonable terms and conditions the sponsor may attach to the scholarship.

  • Should you break any of the terms and conditions of the scholarship programme, you will forfeit the award and it will automatically go to the person ranked next in the application process.