Student Grants

Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF)

Learner Assistance Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support Community Education and to improve engagement by disadvantaged learners with education and training.

Small grants are awarded to qualifying applications by LMETB and funded by SOLAS and the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science.

The Learner Assistance Fund is available to help where appropriate with costs such as:

  • Books and materials

  • Rent and other utility bills

  • Food

  • Essential travel

  • Childcare costs

  • Medical costs

The above list is not exhaustive however, it is important that the nature and appropriateness of the expenditure for which assistance is being provided is clearly identified.


Approved funding allocation for any activity under the MAEDF must;

  • Be used for the specific purpose intended

  • All expenditure to be completed by 2021 year-end

  • Not to be used for any pay costs or costs of a recurring nature

  • Be compliant with Circular DPR 13/14 governing the payment of grants

  • A tax clearance certificate for the grantee organisation must accompany each application.

  • Maintenance of records of expenditure for audit purposes.

Apply for funding can be under one or more of these four strands:

  1. Digital Technologies

  2. Learner Assistance

  3. Reach Out/Mentoring

  4. Covid 19 Exceptional Circumstances

How to Apply

  • The application form for this assistance fund will have been sent to the email address provided at the time of application to the college.

  • Download and save your completed the application form, ensuring that you have completed all required sections.

  • Date and insert an image of your handwritten signature or if under 18 years, the signature of your parent/legal guardian.

  • Attach your completed form (with your signature inserted) and email with subject heading 'MAEDF Application' to Ellen Holian

  • To complete your application, also return the completed printed copy of the form into the College Reception office.

Please note - applications must be sent by email AND returned to the college office on or before the deadline.

The deadline to return your application for this small learner assistance grant is Tuesday 14th September at 4:00 PM.

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please be advised that successful/unsuccessful applications are decided by Louth Meath Education Training Board (LMETB).

  • Incomplete applications and/or those with insufficient detail/information provided by applicants will not be deemed complete and will not be considered.

  • Successful applicants will be contacted with further information.

  • Successful applicants will be required to submit additional paperwork in support of their applications in order to receive the once-off small payment.

      • Failure to provide additional required paperwork will make original applications null/void.

  • Successful recipients of this funding will be required to provide receipt(s) to the amount of the funding and prove that the money was used for what was stated and intended in their application.

      • Failure to provide adequate receipt(s) will result in this money being reclaimed by the ETB from the student.

  • Data Protection rules apply, any/all information provided by applicants will be safely collected and stored in accordance with data protection rules and used only for the purposes of this MAED fund.

For more information contact Ellen Holian - Grants, Attendance and Retention Officer