Exams May 2021

A three-week exam period of open book exams. You can find images of the exam timetable below.

You can also find the full timetable PDF document on the Moodle Student Noticeboard so that you can CTR + F to find a specific exam day and time.

Student Guide for Open Book Exams

Some or all of your exams may be open-book exams which are carried out online. This will form part of the assessment for the module along with other forms of assessment like assignment and/or skills demonstrations.

What is an open-book exam?

An open-book exam is an assessment method that allows students to use notes and textbooks to aid the answering of questions during the exam.

Why use an open-book exam?

This type of assessment allows the examiner to assess more accurately the student’s ability to understand and critically apply knowledge. It also allows for examination online, giving the student more time and space to complete the assessment.

Answering the open-book exam

  • You must sign and date the declaration form (found on first page of exam paper).

  • You should follow carefully all instructions given by the tutor.

  • You should aim to answer as much of the paper from your own knowledge and learning as possible.

  • You should refer to notes and textbooks for help only when necessary and use this material to inform your own work. You will show in your answer that you can apply that material to the question and your vocational area of study. You may do this by applying the information to a case study, giving examples, evaluating information or interpreting it to make is relevant to the question.

  • You should avoid copying and pasting information directly into the exam – remember it is still should be predominately your own work.

  • Always reference any sources used during the exam. The exam is subject to the plagiarism policy and procedures.

  • Do not be lulled into a false sense of security that an open-book exam may be ‘easy’. You should revise for an open-book exam just as much as you would for a supervised exam.

Exam Timetable Week One

Weds 5th - Friday 7th May

Exam Timetable Week Two

Monday 10th - Friday 14th May

Exam Timetable Week Three

Monday 17th - Friday 21st May